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Minibus Driver Training (D1)

Minibus Driver Training Liverpool: At Abacus UK Training we offer D1 minibus training to anyone who needs it, commercially or professionally. A minibus is classed as a passenger carrying vehicle of between 9 and 16 seats. If you have passed your driving test you are entitled to drive a minibus but only under certain circumstances.

If you drive a minibus and take fares or payment from passengers or if you drive one as part of your job (e.g. school teachers, hotel transportation, etc.) then you must hold a full D1 or D1+E driving licence. To drive without one in these circumstances is illegal.

Who needs a D1 licence?

It’s a little complicated but here are the circumstances in which you would need to take your Category D1 theory and driving test:

  • If you passed your Category B car driving test before 1st Jan 1997.
  • If you take fares or payments from passengers for transportation.
  • If you carry passengers as part of your job in work hours, even voluntarily.
  • If you drive a minibus with passengers in a supervisory role outside work hours.

Check your Driver CPC

If you do not have a Category D1 licence and you do drive in any of the above circumstances and there is an accident which causes injury or loss of life the driver is at risk of prosecution. It is the school’s or company’s responsibility that the drivers of their minibuses are legal to drive them and covered by insurance.

Ask Abacus!

Abacus UK Training can help by making your organisation legal. We can offer full minibus Category D1 and D1+E driving training and put you through your test so ensure that you are fully entitled to carry passengers as part of your job.

To find out more, or to book minibus driver training, please contact us via email or call us on 0808 101 1959. Get in touch to find out more info including costs

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